1. ______ range in color from palé yellow to
bright orange.

(A) Canarias which
(B) Canaries
(C) That canaries
(D) Canaries that are

2. of precious gems is determined by
their hardness, color, and brilliance.

(A) The valuable
(B) It is the valué
(C) It is valuable
(D) The value

3. a tornado spins in a counterclockwise direction in the northern hemisphere, it spins in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere.

(A) However
(B) Because of
(C) Although
(D) That

4. The Caldecott Medal,. . for the best children’s picture book, is awarded each January.

(A) a prize
(B) which prize
(C) is a prize which
(D) is a prize

5. The horn of the rhinoceros consists of a cone of tight bundles of keratin from the epidermis.

(A) grow
(B) grows
(C) growing
(D) they grow

6. Most species of heliotropes are weeds, of them are cultivated.

(A) some
(B) but some
(C) for some species
(D) some species

7. Thunder occurs as. . through air, causing the heated air to expand and collide with layers of cooler air.

(A) an electrical charge
(B) passes an electrical charge
(C) the passing of an electrical charge
(D) an electrical charge passes

8. Researchers have long debated Saturn’s moon Titán contains hydrocarbon
oceans and lakes.

(A) over it
(B) whether it
(C) whether
(D) whether over

9. Nimbostratus clouds are thick, dark grey clouds forebode rain.

(A) what
(B) which
(C) what they
(D) which they

10. _______ in several early civilizations, a cubit was based on the length of the forearm
from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow.

(A) It was used as a measurement
(B) A measurement was used
(C) The use of a measurement
(D) Used as a measurement


Descargar (PDF, 35KB)

Questions 1-9
John James Audubon, nineteenth-century artist and naturalist, is known as one of the foremost
authorities on North American birds. Born in Les Cayes, Haiti, in 1785, Audubon was raised in
France and studied art under French artist Jacques-Louis David, After settling on his father’s
Line Pennsylvania estáte at the age of eighteen, he first began to study and paint birds.
(5) In his young adulthood, Audubon undertook numerous enterprises, generally without a
tremendous amount of success; at various times during his life he was involved in a mercantile
business, a lumber and grist mili, a taxidermy business, and a school. His general mode of operating a business was to leave it either unattended or in the hands of a partner and take off on excursions
through the wilds to paint the natural life that he saw. His business career carne to an end in 1819
(10) when he was jailed for debt and forced to file for bankruptcy.
It was at that time that Audubon began to seriously pursue the dream of publishing a collection
of his paintings of birds. For the next six years he painted birds in their natural habitats while his wife worked as a teacher to support the family. His Birds of America, which included engravings of 435 of his colorful and lifelike watercolors, was published in parts during the period from 1826 to 1838 in (15) England. After the success of the English editions, American editions of his work were published in 1839, and his fame and fortune were ensured.

1. This passage is mainly about

(A) North American birds
(B) Audubon’s route to success as a
painter of birds
(C) the works that Audubon published
(D) Audubon’s preference for travel in
natural habitats

2. The word “foremost” in line 1 is closest in meaning to

(A) prior
(B) leading
(C) first
(D) largest

3. In the second paragraph, the author
mainly discusses

(A) how Audubon developed his painting
(B) Audubon’s involvement in a
mercantile business
(C) where Audubon went on his
(D) Audubon’s unsuccessful business

4. The word “mode” in line 7 could best be replaced by

(A) method
(B) vogue
(C) average
(D) trend

5. Audubon decided not to continué to pursue business when

(A) he was injured in an accident at a
grist mili
(B) he decided to study art in France
(C) he was put in prison because he owed
(D) he made enough money from his

6. The word “pursue” in line 11 is closest in meaning to

(A) imagine
(B) share
(C) follow
(D) deny


1. (A) Carla does not live very far away.

(B) What Carla said was unjust.
(C) He does not fear what anyone says.
(D) Carla is fairly rude to others.

2. (A) She thinks it’s an improvement.
(B) The ñr trees in it are better.
(C) It resembles the last one.
(D) It is the best the man has ever done.

3. (A) He graduated last in his class.

(B) He is the last person in his family to
(C) He doesn’t believe he can improve

(D) He has finally finished his studies.

4. (A) He thought the dress was so chic.

(B) He was surprised the dress was not
(C) He would like to know what color
dress it was.
(D) The dress was not cheap.

5. (A) Leave the car somewhere else.

(B) Ignore the parking tickets.
(C) Add more money to the meter.
(D) Pay the parking attendant.

6. (A) He does not like to hold too many
books at one time.
(B) There is no bookstore in his
(C) It’s not possible to obtain the book
(D) He needs to talk to someone at the
7. (A) It was incomplete.
(B) It finished on time.
(C) It was about honor.
(D) It was too long.
8. (A) She needs to use the man’s notes.
(B) Yesterday’s physics class was quite
(C) She took some very good notes in
physics class.
(D) She would like to lend the man her
9. (A) It’s her birthday today.
(B) She’s looking for a birthday gift.
(C) She wants to go shopping with her
(D) She wants a new wallet for herself.
10. (A) He took a quick trip.
(B) The big boat was towed through the
(C) There was coal in the water.
(D) He didn’t go for a swim.
11. (A) She just left her sister’s house.
(B) Her sister left the sweater behind.
(C) She believes her sweater was left at
her sister’s house.
(D) She doesn’t know where her sister
12. (A) She doesn’t have time to complete
additional reports.
(B) She cannot finish the reports that she
is already working on.
(C) She is scared of having responsibility
for the reports.
(D) It is not time for the accounting
reports to be compiled.
13. (A) He’s had enough exercise.
(B) He’s going to give himself a reward
for the hard work.
(C) He’s going to stay on for quite some
(D) He would like to give the woman an
exercise machine as a gift.
14. (A) He cannot see the huge waves.
(B) The waves are not coming in.
(C) He would like the woman to repeat
what she said.
(D) He agrees with the woman.
15. (A) The exam was postponed.
(B) The man should have studied harder.
(C) Night is the best time to study for
(D) She is completely prepared for the

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